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Solar PV (photovoltaic)


Solar PV offers you the chance to reduce your home energy bills now and into the future. It needn?t cost as much as you think to install either.

  • Cut your electricity bills
  • Get paid for the electricity you generate
  • Sell electricity back to the grid
  • Cut your carbon footprint

With energy prices continually increasing now is the time to take action to invest in Solar PV and reduce your future energy bills.

How does it work?

We install a system including solar PV panels on your roof. These generate electricity that help to power your home and reduce your electricity bills.

Is it expensive to install?

The cost will depend on the size and type of system we install as well as the structure of your building. However, you may qualify for a grant to reduce the cost of installation. We will help you with this application and fi nd out if you are eligible.

How much will we save?

There are many factors that contribute to the amount you will save. As you may expect, the more electricity the system can generate the higher the savings. You?ll also get paid cash payments under the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme for generating surplus electricity that is fed back into the National Grid. A typical house may save around 40% on their bills with a payback time of XX to XX years following the initial investment.

Will it work on our roof?

We will carry out a free initial survey to assess out whether a Solar PV system will work on your house. It is necessary to have an unshaded, south-facing location and, as solar panels can be heavy, your roof must be strong enough to support their weight. Only daylight is required to create energy ? not sunshine ? so the British weather isn?t a hindrance!

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